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Proposition SAFETY

     My primary responsibility as Fire Chief is to ensure that you, the citizens of the Pacific Fire Protection District, receive the highest level of fire and emergency response service available in a fiscally responsible manner with ever scarce resources. My duties include running the day-to-day operations of the District and reporting to the Board of Directors and citizens on our progress as we move forward. I also work closely with the Board of Directors to constantly analyze costs, prepare budget proposals, and manage District expenses.
    Serving the public is our top priority and we take great pride in our professional, efficient and compassionate service we deliver on a daily basis. We have been studying ways to improve our service and capabilities to the residents we serve. One of the top priorities that we have identified is the ability to deliver consistent safe firefighter staffing for emergencies that occur. In order to accomplish or adhere to a national service model in place across the United States and is proven to save lives, staffing additional firefighters is crucial to ensuring the ability for us to deliver safe, responsive emergency service to our community. This is just one of the components that we identified as an area where our service models can be improved.
   With that in mind, we encourage you to analyze the District’s needs assessment, and carefully consider our proposal. The Pacific Fire Protection District has placed a $0.27 tax initiative on the November 2020 ballot for consideration by our residents. Please take the time to review the information provided, and do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
   We have attracted and maintained highly motivated and dedicated firefighters to keep you, your families and businesses safe. We are dedicated to providing you with the best rescue and firefighting equipment and personnel available. Now, we would also like to provide additional firefighters to ensure continued safe operating conditions, replace aging fire equipment, and provide an additional fire station to expedite response for our entire Community.
   This initiative has been assessed by numerous members of our community with overwhelming support and approval. The Pacific Fire Protection District encourages members of our community to support discussion of this issue, or stop in any fire station and discuss these issues with me or our fantastic firefighting team. If you have a group that would like a presentation concerning this initiative or have any questions please contact my office anytime.


Steve Sagehorn - Fire Chief

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