To the citizens of the Pacific Fire Protection District:


As Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pacific Fire Protection District (PFPD), I have the honor of serving the needs of the citizens in some of the most extreme and stressful times that occur in their lives. I am also responsible for the health and safety of the firefighters that respond to the critical incidents that occur in our community. Overseeing the financial transparency and operational effectiveness of our incredible team of chief officers and firefighters is a task that I have been elected to by this community, and to that I hold myself responsible to the highest level of integrity, honesty, fairness and ethics.


Our community has supported the PFPD for many years due to a history of financial responsibility, planned and promised growth and progress that has been delivered for the community supporting this cause. After an extensive needs assessment of the PFPD, the Board of Directors is asking the PFPD citizens to approve a .27 cent per one hundred dollar assessed valuation on the November 3rd, 2020 general election ballot. This ballot issue named “Proposition Safety” will provide long needed funding for additional firefighters to insure safe response and life saving service to fires and incidents, replace aging firefighting equipment and protective equipment, provide essential fire station updates, and place an additional centrally located future fire station in an area of the PFPD which currently experiences extended response times.


This time in our community we are challenged by a national pandemic, social and economic strife, with local challenges of very limited residential and commercial growth, numerous business closings, and decreasing funds available for emergency services. These facts have been complicated by increasing calls for service, aging fire equipment, aging fire stations, and competing with larger fire districts that are attracting firefighter jobs with benefit packages that we cannot compete with. These are the key issues that have brought the PFPD to ask taxpayers for their support for Proposition Safety at this time. This proposition will save lives, provide safer working conditions for our firefighters, and provide more efficient response and operations to which will improve our service model.


 I would never ask for a tax increase from our citizens and community, unless there was not an extremely critical need. Proposition Safety is a no frills proposition, with no excessive or exaggerated request for “blank check” funding of seldom used equipment. Proposition Safety is a comprehensive appeal for ensuring citizen, community, and firefighter safety by which funds will be utilized as promised to the expectations of our taxpayers.


I sincerely appreciate the support of the Pacific Fire Protection District citizens by voting Yes for Proposition Safety on November 3rd. I invite anyone with questions to stop by any fire station or contact our Fire Chief Steve Sagehorn at 636-257-3633 ext. 12. I promise to make this vision of “Building a Safer Community Together”  a reality we can all enjoy for many years to come.



John Davis - Chairman -

Pacific Fire Protection District